“HAUS offers both full and pre-inspection services for homes of all ages and conditions throughout the Pacific Northwest. For inspection service rates please select ‘Schedule an Inspection’ above.”

Full Home Inspections include a detailed comprehensive report with marked pictures indicating areas of concern. The report is available in HTML format (See “Sample Report” above). HAUS follows the Washington State Standards of Practice for home inspectors which involves a thorough review of crawlspaces, rooftops, kitchen appliances, HVAC systems and more.* The average 2,000  square foot or smaller home usually takes about 2 hours to inspect plus an additional 30-45 minutes of discussion about which items of concern where noted and answering any questions you might have. A written report will be made available within 24 hours. Full inspections are ideal for home buyers or sellers looking to obtain a comprehensive and documented report of the condition of a home.

Pre-inspections, or “Preoffer Consultations,” focus on explaining the general condition of a home and aim at identifying major concerns. Pre-inspections are ideal for home buyers competing with multiple offers, or buyers simply interested in understanding the general condition of a home before becoming directly involved in the purchasing process. Please note that pre-inspections are only available for homes that are not under contract. If mutual acceptance of an offer exists, a standard home inspection (see above paragraph) must be performed.

*Readily and safely accessible areas only. Townhome inspections cover only those exterior components that pertain to the unit being inspected. Condominium inspections cover unit interior systems only, unless otherwise specified by the inspector.