Sewer Scope Technicians


* This list is provided as a courtesy only. HAUS Inspection Services LLC does not perform sewer inspections. 


Seattle Sewer Inspection (Inspection)
(206) 335-2315

Sewer Inspections Northwest (Inspection)
(206) 371-2320

Sound Sewer Inspection (Inspection)
(206) 619-9990

Lighthouse Sewer Inspection (Inspection)
(206) 755-1488

Hydro Physics (Inspection)
(800) 781-3164

Sewer Friendly (Inspection + Repair)
(206) 890-7478

Action Jackson (Inspection + Repair)
(425) 887-5601


A Note About Sewer Scopes: Every home (except those on a septic system) has a waste water pipe that runs from the home to the street. If this “side-sewer” pipe backs up it will need to be repaired before any of the plumbing within the home can be used. Side-sewer defects are a common source of surprise “big ticket” issues that can quickly quench that new home excitement. With sewer repairs often reaching in the tens of thousands of dollars and a vast presence of older sewer lines in the PNW, getting the main sewer line “scoped” is almost always a good idea. Sewer scopers inspect the main sewer line from the home to the street using a submersible camera and usually a video of the findings is provided. Costs typically range from $200 – $250.